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Model Maker for Music Video

Los Angeles Posted on Art Director

Artist & Song: Oriel Poole - Whipped Cream
Spotify -
Location - DTLA
Dates - 8/6 (Preparation, 10 hours) & 8/7 (Shoot, 12 hours) 
Pay - $350 plus an AMAZING portfolio piece

We are looking for an amazing model maker to join our exciting music video! We will be shooting a bright, attention-grabbing video, in which we plan to build a small "candy land" out of gingerbread and candy. Visual representation is attached. Great opportunity for your portfolio!

The person we hire will be in charge of creating this magical gingerbread village/candy land. If you have any experience in architecture, model making, and maybe baking, you would be an amazing fit! As mentioned, the idea is to create a small "candy land" with gingerbread houses and candy all around, so you need to be very crafty. We will be hiring extra hands to help, so dont think you would need to do it alone!

If interested, email me at Please send me some examples of your physical model work and I would be happy to answer any more questions about the video.

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Dean Joseph Rowe

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Status: Open Job type: Full Time Salary: $350 / Per Month

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