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Miami Posted on Personal Assistant
Hey Ladies & Gents!!
Back at it! I am on the hunt for some super solid producers for a super popular third season docu-series for VH1! The show shoots in MIAMI and I'll be looking to start pre-production in the next two weeks, looking to begin principal photography top of September; and will plan to shoot through MID-JANUARY. I am determined to find ANOTHER rockstar team and only interested in people who are looking to push the envelope, tell compelling stories and help take this show to the next level. I’m looking for the WINNING TEAM! PERIOD! We take risks, we have fun and we make darn good TV! No cookie-cutter cable around here!
Looking for the following positions:
Co-EP - My right hand, My number two, My ace in the hole! Understanding of writing beat sheets, overseeing producers and a story GURU!
Supervising Producer/Field Producer - This person will need to have the skillset of going into the field, prepping talent and getting clear cohesive scenes without me needing to micromanage and watch over their shoulder.
Talent Producer - Miami Locals PREFERRED. Handle scheduling and all talent logistics for a challenging semi-celebrity cast.
Shoot me your rezzies if you think you would be a great addition to the team! Excited to work with many of you!
Please please please only send resume’s if you are interested in the above positions.

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